General Important Information

How to book:  Please email to book.  You won’t find us on hostelworld or any other online booking engines.

Malaria: As far as we are aware, this is NOT a malaria area, none of our staff takes anti-malarial tablets (though we do drink a lot of gin & tonic!). Though Dengue Fever is having an impact in Laos and Cambodia, and has been seen in Vietnam,  there haven’t been any signs of it here. We do recommend bringing and wearing insect repellent.

Paying for your visit: There is a new ATM in town but it can be unreliable. We recommend arriving in Phong Nha with sufficient funds for your stay. We accept Visa & MasterCard (NOT Maestro or American Express), with a 3% surcharge on any transaction. We accept Vietnamese Dong (VND) and American Dollars.

Passports: We are required by the local police to keep hold of your passports during your stay here. We keep them safely locked in a safe, and ask for your understanding in this matter.

Dress code: This area is still new to tourism, has been one the poorest regions of Vietnam, and the people are quite traditional in their ways and in their thinking. Please keep as much of your skin covered as possible when cycling or walking around the area. Bikinis and bathers can be worn around the pool or when swimming, but anywhere else is not cool.

Giving money: If any local people ask for money, please say NO!

Weather: If you are visiting between October and March, BRING WARM CLOTHES and good rain gear! Every year people arrive on our doorstep with inadequate clothing, unaware that it gets cold in Vietnam. It does get cold here, and between September and November it is traditionally very wet. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!