Take a Boat to Phong Nha Cave

Phong Nha Cave is a majestic river cave and was the first cave in the area opened to tourists in 1997. Phong Nha Cave is seen by dragon boat – local people will motor you up the river taking in the view of the stunning natural Karst Mountains and local river life and then row you through the cave. Like Venice but more natural!

The second cave located above Phong Nha Cave is called Tien Son. It is a smaller cave with intricate formations. Because of the 400 stairs to get up to the cave you are afforded spectacular views of the local area, and some peace and quiet as not everyone is up to climbing all the stairs!

It is easy to visit Phong Nha Cave on your own and because of this we don’t offer tours there. To get there, turn left when you walk out of Easy Tiger and walk about 300m until you get to the Phong Nha Ke Bang Tourism Centre, which is on your right. At the back of the carpark is the ticket office. Buy your tickets to Phong Nha and Tien Son cave and also a ticket for the boat to get there.

It should take your about 3 hours for the boat ride and cave visit. Maybe longer if you want to spend more time wandering around and enjoying these beautiful caves.

A good way to visit Phong Nha Cave is to listen to the 9:00am Info Talk at Easy Tiger, then go with the group of people that visit the cave when the talk finishes. It saves some money by sharing the boat and its more fun sharing the trip with other people.

Cave Prices:
Entrance ticket to Phong Nha Cave 150,000vnd
Entrance ticket to Tien Son Cave 80,000vnd
Boat price (shared) – 1 cave is 360,000vnd
When visiting both caves the price of the boat is 400,000vnd