Thang’s Phong Nha Riders

So you want to get out and see the countryside and the attractions of the National Park on a motorbike, but without a licence and a lot of experience you think this is unwise? Well you would be right, and we have really great solution!

Thang’s Phong Nha Riders are a hand selected group of men that are on hand to use their significant local knowledge on the roads to keep you safe, make sure you don’t get lost and to help you see the sights of the area safely. They will watch the road so that you can appreciate the scenery, take photos and enjoy the ride.

Many of the Phong Nha Riders used to have jobs working in the jungle before the National Park was established. Now they have a new way to earn a living taking tourists to see the local area.

The Phong Nha Riders don’t speak a lot of English and they are not tour guides, but for a very reasonable price you can give them employment for the day and see the area at your leisure without being on a tour.

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park

  • Paradise cave
  • Dark Cave
  • Phong Nha Cave
  • 8 Ladies Cave
  • U Bo Mountain
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Nuoc Moc

Bong Lai Valley

  • The Pub with Cold Beer
  • The Duck Stop
  • The Wild Boar Eco Farm
  • Pepperhouse
  • Moi Moi Restaurant

There are many options and itineraries available and the prices depend on where you want to go. Prices start at 70,000 vnd for a trip between the Easy Tiger and Phong Nha Farmstay Village. Trips to the National Park start from 250,000 vnd.

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