Multi Day Tours

Two Day Tours

  • Abandoned Valley and Ma Da Valley – The Ma Da Valley was opened to tourism in August 2016 and combined with the Abandoned Valley makes a great 2 day tour, seeing 3 caves and camping in the jungle in a tent or hammock in the world heritage Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park
  • Hang Tien Endeavour –Explores 3 caves including the largest and most spectacular cave in the Tu Lan region.
  • Hang En: Camp in the Cave or Hang En: Jungle Camp – Hang En is probably the 3rd largest cave in the world and the closest you will get to Son Doong on a reasonable budget. Camp overnight either on the beach in the massive main cavern of this cave or in the jungle close by the cave.  On the tour you will also explore Cold Cave, Hang Lanh, which is a newly opened cave.
  • Hang Va Expedition – see a unique and newly opened cave on this challenging expedition tour. More technical than other tours, this is real caving!
  • Tu Lan Cave Encounter – swim through caves and camp in the jungle in Tu Lan – more caving than trekking this is the optimal caving experience in Tu Lan

Three Day Tour

  • Wild Tu Lan Cave Explorer – Get deeper in to the caves and jungles of Tu Lan on this 3 day 2 night tour. See sights and caves not available on the shorter tours and truly get to experience the magic of Vietnamese jungle hospitality!

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Booking Tours

Please note: Caving tours are very weather dependent. The National Park tours almost always runs, as do the boats to Phong Nha cave. However the 7km Paradise cave trek might be shortened if the water levels are high, especially during the October to December period. Trekking tours have seasons, long seasons for shorter Tu Lan tours and shorter seasons for the other trekking tours including Hang En and Hang Va. Please see the individual tour pages for details.

With any caving tour, the weather can also change the itinerary of a tour. We try our best to offer you exactly what we advertise, but the wilderness around here can be a changeable place, and sometimes we have to adapt our tours. We will always endeavor to warn you of any itinerary changes before a tour begins, but please understand that sometimes adaptations have to occur mid-tour.

For those who would like to do a tour on their day of arrival, we recommend taking a National Park Tour or the Abandoned Valley Tour. Please email us to book.