Transport & Directions

Phong Nha is a relatively new tourist destination and because of this there isn’t as much transport infrastructure as in other areas of Vietnam. We now have many bus companies that operate buses from Hue and Hanoi amongst other destinations, so getting here has become a lot easier. Expect to pay a bit more to get around that you do in the more touristy places.

Planes, trains and some buses drop you off at DONG HOI. This is our nearest major urban area, 45km away. We can arrange a private car to pick you up from or take you to Dong Hoi, you can catch the local bus from and to Dong Hoi, a Taxi from Dong Hoi or get a motobike taxi.  Details on these options for Getting to and From Dong Hoi.

There are plenty of options on getting to Phong Nha and the links to the details are below: