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In order to help students understand the details of scholarship evaluation and better carry out the work of scholarship evaluation, the school of public health held the "voice of students" activity in the conference room on the third floor of the hospital office at 12 noon on May 24. This activity was presided over by the director of Student Affairs Office, Mr. Su Guofan, a counselor of grade 2018. Mr. Leng Hexuan, a counselor of grade 2017 and grade 2020, Mr. Liu Xinyi, a counselor of grade 2019, and student representatives of all grades participated in this activity.

At the beginning of the activity, Mr. Su Guofan expressed his hope to listen to the true voice of the students in view of the changes in the policy of the scholarship school, so as to facilitate the better development and progress of the scholarship work. Teachers and students seriously think and analyze, and actively participate in the discussion, which makes the discussion atmosphere very strong. The student representatives inquired about the evaluation of scholarship, the types of scholarship and the evaluation standard of single scholarship, and finally determined the following points: firstly, the evaluation work is to comprehensively evaluate the students' situation, the source of material content must be true, and the students are required to seriously deal with the work to be applied for; Secondly, for all kinds of scholarship students, we should pay attention to the existing evaluation criteria; Finally, the evaluation standard of grants should be open and transparent. If you have doubts about the results, you can give feedback to the teacher. With the satisfactory results of the discussion, the event came to a successful conclusion.

This "voice of students" activity not only makes the related scholarship evaluation work have a clearer direction, but also collects students' opinions and ideas, which is conducive to the smooth development of the evaluation work.

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