Series report on the 60th sports meeting of Jilin University enlisted by the Public Health College
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In response to the call of sunshine sports, the students of public health college will show their style at the upcoming sports meeting and stimulate their enthusiasm to participate in physical exercises. On the morning of April 25, the arts and art team of the sports and Sports Department of the school of public health organized eight pole boxing training in the skating rink. Students of the school of public health grade 2020 participated in the training.

This training of Octopus boxing started at 8:40 in the morning, mainly for the basic movement of the eight pole boxing. At the beginning of the training, students are divided into three groups, including the guidance group, the assistance group and the training group. The Guidance Group actively guides, displays the movements in different moves and explains the details. The training group is serious in training, not afraid of hardship, and adjusts the movement. The assistance group corrected the wrong movement of the members of the training group and pointed out the key points. Even if the weather is hot and the sun is direct, the students of the school of public health are not afraid of difficulties, and they are happy and smile from time to time. There are not only the figures of hard training of members, but also the joy and vigor on the skating rink.

This training has enhanced the tacit degree among members, showing the excellent quality of students in public health college who are not afraid of hardship and serious work. I believe that the school of public health will definitely achieve excellent results in the sports meeting!

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