A series of reports on the College of public health's campaign for the 60th games of Jilin University (17)
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In order to improve the physical quality of college students and show the spirit of contemporary college students, the 60th track and field games of Jilin University was held in the stadium of the central campus on the morning of May 28, 2021. At 9:30 a.m. on the 28th, the men's 1500m final was held, and Du Youyi of the school of public health took part in the event.

Although the weather was slightly cold and the drizzle was continuous, it did not dampen the athletes' determination to win glory for the Academy. Under the command of the referee, the athletes enter the stadium orderly and stand on their respective runways. They are full of confidence and ready to start. They are doing warm-up exercises seriously, trying to run again and again, looking for the best starting state. With the starting gun and the referee's order, the athletes rushed out of the starting line. In the cheers of the audience, the athletes gathered their breath and ran to the finish line. Although sweating and panting, no one gave up. Athletes are galloping on the track, regardless of the rain, they are not afraid of the circle after circle of the track, try their best to rush to the end. In the competition, the athletes run forward with the spirit of struggle, tenacious perseverance and firm pace. Even if they feel tired, they still rush to the end with determination and courage.

The 1500 meter race is not only a test of physical fitness, but also a test of persistence and endurance. The athletes of our hospital welcomed the applause of the end with their indomitable will. At the games, the athletes of the school of public health adhered to the spirit of "perseverance, never give up, strive for the top", and went all out with good physical fitness, unremitting efforts and high enthusiasm. I believe that in the future, public health students will do their best to create good results!

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