A series of reports on the College of public health's campaign for the 60th games of Jilin University (16)
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In response to the call of sunshine sports, improve the physical quality of college students, and show the spirit of contemporary college students, the 60th Jilin University sports meeting opened in the stadium of the central campus. In the men's 400m era train competition on the afternoon of May 28, Zhang Minghan, Zhang Guanqun, Wang ruimian, Wang Junyuan, Ding Yuda, he Yixin, Zhang Zhenrong, Wang Wenhao Ren Hongwei and sun Xiyu formed the men's 400 meter era train team. After fierce competition, they finally ranked fourth.

The final shooting, our team like an arrow away from the string, their loud slogans, neat pace, is the best interpretation of their hard work for more than a month. They are full of passion and work together to forge ahead. While watching the game nervously, the audience all tried their best to cheer for the contestants. Although the team slightly lagged behind the other teams at the start, after two times of curve overtaking, the athletes succeeded in overtaking and got the fourth place. They kept the leading position until the end of the competition and got the good result of the fourth place.

The men's 400m era train competition has come to a successful end. The hard work of the athletes has not only won the honor for our college, but also enhanced our collective sense of honor and cohesion. I believe that the public health students will continue to carry forward the spirit of perseverance and bravery, and create brilliance in the future competition!

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