Recruitment notice for Jilin University Public Health staff (II)
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According to the needs of the work and with the approval of the school, the Jilin University public health is now sending one person to the school for the open recruitment of talents both inside and outside the school.

The specific requirements and procedures are as follows:

One person for the post of recruitment and the assistant post for the management of the main duties and responsibilities, mainly responsible for the application of scientific research projects, acceptance, scientific research results collection, collation, organization of academic meetings and so on.

Basic Conditions

1. Abide by Law of the People's Republic of China laws and regulations, good political quality, have good professional ethics, have the ability to perform post duties, love the post dedication, good cooperation, communication and coordination ability, comprehensive ability; Ability to use office software.

2. Candidates must have a natural science education background, bachelor's degree or above, with an initial bachelor's degree in a general higher education admission scheme.

3. Age In principle should be under 35 years old, with the date of birth of my identity card shall prevail.

4. Medical Education background is a plus.

5. Physical and mental health, be able to adapt to the job requirements.

Recruitment Process

  1. applicants are required to send a compressed file package containing the following information to Martin6t@jlu. Edu.cn , compressed file package should be named "talent dispatch application + name + highest education" (file size must be less than 10MB) , no need to sign up on site. 1. Fill in the "application form" (Annex 1) , I signed, pasted recent color bareheaded photos scanned into a PDF file, file named "application form + name. 2. All higher education qualifications, degree certificates and the relevant academic accreditation report downloaded from the website of the Hong Kong Institute of Education (all of the above materials should be in PDF format with clear and legible images, preferably with a resolution of less than 300DPI) . 3. Recent color bareheaded photo (less than 100KB) , file name should be my name. The deadline for applications is 16:00202112 May, and anyone who does not have all the required materials will be deemed to have dropped the application.

  2. the first-instance Qualification Unit shall conduct a first-instance examination of the electronic materials submitted by the candidates in accordance with the requirements and basic conditions of the post. The first-instance qualified personnel shall bring their identity cards, all higher education qualifications, original and photocopy of the degree certificate and other materials to the Public Health Center for qualification examination. For the education and professional and filled in the "application form" does not match or other concealment, false personal truth, will be disqualified from applying.

  3. the examination shall be conducted in the form of a combination of an interview and a written examination. The time and place of the examination shall be notified separately. It mainly examines whether the candidate has the comprehensive quality and working ability required by the post, including professional ability, professional knowledge, professional ethics and so on.

  4. to determine the candidates to be recruited according to the assessment results and after the study of the leading group for recruitment work, to determine the candidates to be recruited.

  5. if there is no objection to the announcement of the candidates on the notice board of the school's home page (www.jlu.edu.cn ) , the list of the candidates shall be sent to the Human Resources Office of the school for record and review.

  6. the medical examination Labor dispatch company shall make arrangements for the personnel to be recruited to undergo medical examination at the Jilin University Campus Hospital. Those who pass the medical examination shall go through the dispatch formalities.

  7. dispatch formalities the school organizes the public health, the personnel to be recruited and the Labor dispatch company to go through the relevant formalities together.

    Employing and Managing

    The talent dispatch (II) personnel for this recruitment shall be managed according to the mode of labor dispatch, and the personnel recruited shall not be included in the establishment of the Jilin University Enterprise, shall not enjoy the welfare benefits of the establishment of the enterprise, and shall participate in the social insurance according to the relevant provisions.

    Relevant matters

  8. No person may apply if he or she is a full-time student at a regular university; if he or she is in active military service; if he or she has been subjected to criminal punishment or has been dismissed from public office; Those who have been dismissed for less than five years; those who have been found guilty of serious violations of employment discipline, such as fraud, in the recruitment examination for civil servants at all levels and in the open recruitment examination for public institutions, and by May Not Register for the examination processing and is still in the forbidden examination period personnel. Any person found in the above circumstances shall be disqualified from applying for a job.

  9. The information provided by the candidate should be consistent with the facts. If there is any concealment, falsification or falsification, the applicant shall bear all the responsibilities at his own risk. Upon verification, the applicant shall be disqualified from applying for the job; if the applicant is already on the job, the Labor Dispatch Company shall terminate the employment relationship with the applicant.


    Miss Liu contact number: (0431)85619181

    office address: Room 312, Public Health General Office (1163 Xinmin Street)


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