The School of Public Health was pleased to win the first prize of the 10th China University students'medical technology skills competition, the northeast-north China regional competition of the Preventive Medicine track, and successfully advanced to the f
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In order to fully implement the spirit of the National Education Conference, the National Health and Health Conference and the National Convention on Traditional Chinese Medicine, and to implement the requirements of the guiding opinions on accelerating the innovative development of Medical Education issued by the State Council General Office [2020] no. 34, promoting the reform and innovation of practice teaching system of public health and preventive medicine, strengthening the construction of Preventive Medicine Teaching Staff, and comprehensively improving the comprehensive quality and training quality of public health and Preventive Medicine Talents, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued the notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on the holding of the 10th China university students'medical technology skills competition, and launched the 10th China university students'medical technology skills competition nationwide, five-year program of Clinical Medicine, eight-year program of Clinical Medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, preventive medicine and nursing are set up. The competition is divided into preliminary and final stages, April 10 on behalf of the Jilin University participated in the Preventive Medicine Track Northeast-north China Division.

The Party and government leaders of the public health attached great importance to the competition and completed the selection of team members in early February, according to the regulations of the competition, 12 outstanding students (Wang Xin, Zhang Jianli, Tian Yixin, Zhang Liying, Tan Yuqian, Chen Yingjie, Wei Yudong, Gao Yizhen, Li Na, Zhang Huiling, Xiao Lian, Song Guishuang) were selected to participate in the competition At the beginning of the school year, a mobilization meeting was held for participating in the competition, and the professional course teachers of the whole college conducted intensive training and answering questions for the participating students on 9 theoretical courses and relevant theories of practical skills, in the process, several simulation tests were carried out by using the online platform.

A total of 23 universities and colleges participated in the northeast-north China regional contest, with Peking University and Tianjin Medical University as the final organizers and Harbin Medical University as the organizers of the regional contest. After online certification through the network for 90 minutes of online answers, the students calmly challenge, examination room in good order, successfully completed the competition, won the first prize in the northeast-north China Division competition, and successfully qualified for the final.


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