Candidates (master and doctor) to apply for postgraduate examination in 2022
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After the enrollment directory in 2022 is determined, Jilin University will hang on the enrollment website of Jilin University for the first time http://zsb.jlu.edu.cn/index.php , before the 22-year catalogue is released, you can refer to the 2021 catalogue. The final admission shall be subject to the requirements of the 22-year catalogue.

As for the registration qualification questions asked in the examination, please read the requirements of the enrollment directory of Jilin University in detail. On the premise of meeting the registration conditions of Jilin University, please query the specific registration requirements of the college enrollment directory.

The school's registration conditions are as follows (for details, see the Jida enrollment website):

5、 Registration conditions

(1) Applicants for the national postgraduate entrance examination must meet the following conditions:

1. Citizens of the people's Republic of China.

2. Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, have good moral character and abide by discipline and law.

3. The physical condition meets the physical examination requirements stipulated by the state and the enrollment unit.

4. The academic level of candidates must meet one of the following conditions:

(1) Fresh graduates (including fresh graduates from ordinary colleges and universities, adult colleges and universities, adult higher education held by ordinary colleges and universities, etc.), self-study examination and network education can graduate at that time. Before admission in the current year (the specific date shall be subject to the first day of the registration date stipulated by the University), candidates must obtain the undergraduate diploma recognized by the state or the certificate of overseas academic degree issued by the study abroad service center of the Ministry of education, otherwise the admission qualification is invalid.

(2) Personnel with a bachelor's degree recognized by the state.

(3) Those who have obtained the national recognized higher vocational college graduation degree for more than 2 years (from graduation to the date of admission in the same year, the same below) or more, as well as undergraduate graduates with the national recognized degree, apply for the examination according to the identity of undergraduate graduation in the specified major (see the catalogue of enrollment majors).

(4) Persons who have obtained master's or doctor's degrees.

Graduate students must obtain the consent of their training unit before registration.

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