In 2022, the school of public health of Jilin University received and recommended the re examination and admission scheme for graduate students who are exempt from the examination to study for the master's degree
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According to the requirements of the school documents, in order to ensure the standardized and orderly re examination and admission of our college to receive and recommend examination free graduate students in 2022 (hereinafter referred to as "exemption students"), according to the notice on doing a good job in recommending excellent fresh undergraduate graduates to study for graduate students in 2022 issued by the Ministry of education The spirit of the novel coronavirus pneumonia notice on further standardizing and strengthening the recommendation of outstanding graduates and the notice of the Ministry of education on Issuing the regulations on the administration of postgraduate enrollment in <2022, and the establishment of the measures in combination with the normalization of the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation and the actual work of our hospital's promotion and exemption.

1、 Basic requirements for retest

1. It meets the conditions for Jilin University to accept push free students in 2022.

(1) Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, have the correct political direction, love the motherland, be willing to serve the socialist modernization drive, abide by discipline and law, and have good conduct.

(2) Excellent fresh graduates with the qualification of promoting exemption students in their school.

(3) Strong interest in academic research, good professional quality, strong innovation consciousness and innovation ability, and high training potential.

(4) The physical and psychological conditions meet the physical examination requirements stipulated by the state and the enrollment unit.

2. Admission shall be carried out in strict accordance with the enrollment plan specified in the professional catalogue of Jilin University in 2022 for receiving and recommending examination free postgraduates for master's degree.

3. Respect the examinee's wishes, and arrange the retest according to the discipline and specialty of the examinee in principle.

4. Fair and just, equal treatment inside and outside the school.

2、 Qualification examination

1. The materials to be submitted by the pusher are as follows:

(1) Resident ID card, student ID card.

(2) Application form for receiving recommended examination free Postgraduates of Jilin University in 2022.

(3) Undergraduate transcript stamped with the official seal of the educational administration department of the school.

(4) Papers published in school, patent certificates, research achievement certificates, award-winning certificates, foreign language proficiency test certificates and other materials.

Please apply for students to join the QQ group: 551360660. The paper materials should be sent to the Graduate Office before September 27, 2021, and the electronic materials should be sent to the e-mail liyin@jlu.edu.cn

2. In case of any of the following circumstances in the qualification examination, the re examination qualification and admission qualification shall be cancelled.

Those who fail to pass the qualification examination; those whose materials are incomplete or do not meet the requirements; and those who do not meet the conditions required by Jilin University's 2022 acceptance and recommendation of examination free postgraduates and professional catalogue.

3. Physical examination: freshmen shall participate in physical examination after admission.

3、 Main methods and contents of retest

1. Main methods of retest

The college adopts network remote retest.

2. Main contents of retest

(1) Professional quality and ability

It includes: learning situation and achievements at the university stage; comprehensive assessment of the students' mastery of the theoretical knowledge and application skills of the discipline (category) and specialty (field), the ability to discover, analyze and solve problems by using the learned theories, the understanding of the development dynamics of the discipline (category) and the ability to develop in the specialty (field); innovative spirit and innovative ability.

(2) Comprehensive quality and ability

Including: Ideological and political quality and moral assessment, including the political attitude, ideological performance, moral quality, discipline and law-abiding, honesty and trustworthiness of the students; learning, scientific research and social practice outside the major (field) of the discipline (category) (student work, community activities, volunteer service, etc.) Or actual work performance; dedication, sense of responsibility, discipline (law-abiding), cooperation; humanistic quality; mental health.

(3) Foreign language listening and speaking ability test

It mainly assesses the accuracy, coherence and proficiency of oral conversation. The forms include free questions and impromptu expressions.

2. The reexamination method consists of an expert group composed of the college to uniformly organize the interview, with a total of 100 points.

4、 About admission

1. Use of re examination results: the re examination results shall reach the pass line (60 points), and the re examination results shall be kept in two decimal places. Candidates who fail to reach the pass line shall not be admitted.

2. The candidates are ranked according to the total score of the enrollment examination, and are admitted according to the enrollment quota from high to low.

3. The assessment results of Ideological and political quality and moral quality and physical examination results are not included in the total score, but those who fail will not be admitted.

4. After the re examination, the college will publish the results on the college website.

5. The results of the extra examination course for interdisciplinary exempted students are not included in the re examination results, but those who fail will not be admitted.

6. The college organizes the exempt students to complete the online "agree to be admitted" confirmation through the "national recommended excellent fresh undergraduate graduates' examination free postgraduate information disclosure and management service system" within the specified time.

5、 Consultation and appeal channels.

If the candidates participating in the re examination question the re examination and admission results, they can appeal to the college within three working days after the re examination results are published. Contact information: 85619445.

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