Getting here or away to the south. 
Khe Sanh – Hue – Hoi An – as a motorbike tour

For a bit of adventure, you could also do a multi day motorbike tour through some fabulous scenery on the old Ho Chi Minh trail and beach roads between Phong Nha and Hue and Hoi An.

You sit on the back of a professional, English speaking local and they take you on a memorable 2 day ride between Hue and Phong Nha. Your big bags can be sent on ahead of you by bus. You take an overnight bag. They are professional and Safety and ethical tourism are their trade.

Taking in the very best of what remote and historical central Vietnam has to offer, you’ll have an assault on your senses. An area full of surprizes and luckily, largely overlooked by the increasing mainstream tourism, pouring into the region. Khe Sanh, Vinh Moc Tunnels, Minority Villages, museums, the Beach and dense Jungle scenery. Some local food specialties thrown in and you will have had a few hard to beat days.

We have had many single female travellers do this as we see it as a safe option. We have always had great reviews emailed to us about both the trip[ generally and the chivalrous behaviour of the guides.

Please Contact us to learn about the unique tours available along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. We’d love to share our inside knowledge. It is possible booking to ride yourself, depending on ability and licences.

Khe Sanh – Hue – Hoi An – as a do it yourself motorbike trip
We only recommended for licensed/experienced motorcyclists.
Same as above but on a motorbike that you rent in one direction as a transit either north to south or the other way around.
Contact us for recommendations on how to arrange this.
Arriving at Easy Tiger by your own motorcycle.
Phong Nha (also known as Son Trach on google maps – ) is situated along the Ho Chi Minh Highway East (HCM East and also known as the Duong Ho Chi Minh Dong). The town is about 40km north west of Dong Hoi. You will either be arriving on the Ho Chi Minh East from the North or the South or the Ho Chi Minh Trail West from the south.
If arriving from Hanoi or from Dong Hoi, on the HCM East, you should look out for the large “PHONG NHA-KE BANG” sign on side of road on the mountain (Locally known as the “Hollywood Sign”. When you see this sign, turn off the highway towards the sign, and follow the road around the back of the mountain. Easy Tiger is on the left hand side as you drive into town (long white wall of arches) – you will need to drive past it and do a U-turn at the next opening point in the median.
HCM Trail West
If coming into the area along the Ho Chi Minh Trail West ( HCM West or HCM Tay) from Khe Sanh in Quang Tri Province, to the south. , you will eventually come to a large bridge, and just after the bridge is a crossroads where the HCM West directs Highway 20. At the crossroads, turn right onto Hwy 20 and follow that road for around 15km. You will pass through the entrance gate of the National Park, and if you keep going 4km more you will eventually get to a T-junction, with a big stone totem pole in front of you. Turn right there, and drive through the town for about 6km, whereupon you will eventually see Easy Tiger on your right. Good luck! Please remember that it takes most of a day to ride from Khe San, 8-9 hours, so start early! And don’t forget to check out the Museum at Khe Sanh. It is very informative.
Be Safe
Wear the right gear. Boots, Long Pants and a jacket, gloves and a helmet. Sound advice in the event of an accident.
Motor bikes and scooters are available to rent in Phong Nha Village for day trips around the National Park to caves and to generally explore this beautiful area. But again, we really only recommend this to experienced licensed riders.